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Welcome to `theBRICKLINfactory.com'

My 3rd Series Bricklin models are my most accurate yet.  Each safety color has its own page.  Check them out on the left.


The Bricklin Factory also offers models in caricature:

* Bricklins, also known as 'Baby Bricks.'  
* 1964 Studebaker 2-door hardtops, 4-door sedans, Wagonaires and convertibles.  
* 1975 AMC Matadors as 4 door sedans and wagons 

Model Sizes

1/25 scale for my 3rd series model Bricklins - they're a little bit more than seven inches long.  The `Baby Bricks,' the '64 Studebakers and the AMC Matadors are approximately 1/48 scale.  Being as they are a caricature more than a scale model, an exact scale is hard to define!  The Baby Bricks are about three and a half inches long.  The Studebakers are about four inches long, the Matadors a little longer still.

Inside the 3rd Series model Bricklin.

To Purchase a 3rd series model Bricklin, a Baby Brick, a '64 Studebaker Daytona, an AMC Matador or a label or bumper sticker....


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