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1964 Studebaker

My 1964 Studebaker Page

Designed to be a companion piece to my Baby Bricks

I now have 4 varieties of 1964 Studebakers from which to choose: a 4 door sedan, a 4 door Wagonaire, a convertible and my original 2 door hardtop. This diorama belongs to Ray Petros.

A Laguna Blue Studebaker in the middle

View from above shows the flaired fenders really well.


Below is the prototype just before making the first mold.  This is before the lines were added for the doors, hood & trunk.  Also, the prototype in this photo still lacks refinements like the chrome strip running down the side, the doors are still more slab sided than I went with for the final design, I've updated the door handles and the roof has been completely revised since this photo.  I also changed the wheels before offering my Studebakers to the public. 

The side view (below) shows the 'rake' in the body design - nose low, tail high!